Name: Wayne John Mclennan.
Born 1954, Cessnock N.S.W Australia
Grandfathers, father, uncles, cousins: coalminers.
Education: High School.


Amateur Boxer

1968 - 1970

Tractor Driver

Worked as a tractor driver/assistant store man in transport company.

Boxed Professionally

1973 - 1975

Bank of N.S.W

Worked in the Bank of N.S.W. as a teller in Australian bush communities.
1973 - 1976

Bar Tender

Worked as a bartender/ tractor driver/ bread deliverer.
1976 - 1977

Lived in London

Unloading trucks/ furniture removal/ bartender/ construction worker. Trip around Europe in my Ford transit van: just like a million other Australians.
1977 - 1979

Moved to Seattle USA

Planted pine tree’s/ dishwasher/office cleaner/formed a plan with a friend to row a boat from Seattle to Juneau Alaska. Had a row boat constructed.

Rowed a boat to Alaska


Worked in Juneau Alaska

Worked in Juneau Alaska as a deckhand on a fishing boat/ construction.
1980 - 1981

Moved to Costa Rica

Worked as a gold miner. Met my Dutch wife.
1982 - 1985

Moved back to Australia

Worked as a meat worker/bartender.

Moved to Holland Married


McLennan's Pure Silk, Amsterdam

Became owner and manager of a silk material shop Mclennan’s in Amsterdam.
1986 - 1995

Moved to Nicaragua

Became owner and operator of a fishing boat on the Miskito coast./bought and sold gold/ became a trainer at the local boxing club. Re-built and modernized the boxing club with development aid.
1995 - 1997

Moved to Estonia

Purchased and rebuilt 2 apartments/started writing.
1997 - 1999

Published: Dood van Juan Bravos


Published: Rowing to Alaska


Traveled through Queensland Australia.

Traveled with a boxing tent through Queensland Australia.

Published: Tent Boxing.

Also published in translation under title Prijsvechten een Australische Reis.

Published: Zuivere Zijde (Dutch)


Lived in Panama city Panama

Managed two professional boxers- Jonothon 'Agua' Arias a Dominican flyweight and Olga 'La Cobra' Julio a female Colombian flyweight. Olga has boxed four times for a world title.
Next time lucky.

2017 - 2019

Published: Een Nacht bij de Rivier (Dutch)